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Written by B[] on 27/10/2019

Hello again! It's been a busy few weeks and time for another quick update...

Loading a very basic tile map into the engine

Loading a very basic tile map into the engine

We now are capable of loading tile maps into the game engine, using Tiled. The process was very simple and works perfectly - this certainly beats writing our own map editor.

Example of configuration layout

Example of configuration layout

Here we have a small example of some behind the scenes work, which in this case is a configuration loader. After specifying a configuration file to load from, we can now store defining information gain such as menu layout, worlds, assets, etc. The idea is that:

Other than sound and physics, there's a good chance we've proved out the core functionality we'll be using. Over the next few weeks we'll look towards getting more advanced functionality up and running, perhaps even some very simple game play!

Stay tuned for future updates! Checkout our update on receiving notifications via RSS.

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